Our Lady Apolitrosis

Our Lady Apolitrosis




Virgin Hodegetria


Virgin Hodegetria

16cm x 22cm (6.29inches x 8.66inches)

  • Also known as “Our Lady of the Way”
  • Ὁδηγήτρια, Одигитрия
  • High quality, hand finished icon
  • Emits a heavenly odor
  • Unique Christian gift
  • Product of Greece
  • Free shipping
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Virgin Hodegetria

(Greek) Ὁδηγήτρια
(Russian) Одигитрия
Our Lady of the Way
“She who shows the Way”

This beautiful icon depicts the Virgin Mary presenting Her son on Her left arm to the viewer and with Her hand She is gesturing towards Him, pointing to Christ as ‘The Way’. Christ, on the other hand, has His right hand raised in a gesture of blessing with the index and middle fingers joined (to refer to the two natures of Christ) and His thumb locks over the other fingers (to signify the Holy Trinity).

16cm x 22cm (6.29inches x 8.66inches)

High quality wall icon crafted in a unique way with superior natural materials

Made with pure beeswax, mastic and incense exactly like the first Christian icons of Luke the Evangelist. No other materials or chemicals of any sorts are used.

Hand-carved, solid beeswax with great emphasis on detail

It emits a very distinct odor due to the incense from Mount Athos creating an atmosphere similar to an Orthodox church or to a Monastery. We really wish we could transmit this pleasant odor over the internet for you to smell!

This is a truly unique item, the perfect spiritual gift for your Christian friend or for your own prayer corner.

Please note that it should not to be exposed in direct sunlight and to heat above 50ºC/122.00ºF

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