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For more than 20 years our Workshop has been producing unique Christian items fashioned in much the same way as did Luke the Evangelist who crafted the first Christian icons.

Monk Alipios has been living most of his life in a monastic cell of Mount Athos. In this tranquil landscape he started carving on aged wood well-known icons of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lady and the Saints. This Heavenly inspiration resulted in carvings of excellent detail and quality. We, his family, felt that should bring his life’s work to the Christian world and beyond.

After studying the history of iconography as well as learning from the wisdom of Alipios and his fellow monks, we started making copies of these carvings using three natural materials: beeswax, mastic and incense.

For more than two decades now, our items have been enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide. They can be purchased directly from our on-line store, from specialist shops, Churches and Monasteries all over the world.

What makes our icons, plaques and crosses particular unique is their odor! One of the three key ingredients is incense from Mount Athos.

As a result, when you place them on your wall, the spot around will emit a distinct odor which will certainly bring to mind a traditional Church or Monastery!

The larger the icon the stronger the odor will be!

Our Materials

The materials with which our icons are made are pure and natural, and are sourced only from Greece. No other ingredients are used, save these three:

  • 100% natural yellow beeswax we collect from beekeepers of the Greek country side.
  • Mastic (Μαστίχα ) from the island of Chios. Mastic is natural gum/resin that comes from the mastic tree (Pistacia Lentiscus). These trees grow only in the southern part of Chios. It is the ingredient that hardens the unique mixture, and makes the final product strong and durable.
  • Incense is the ingredient that gives this heavenly fragrance to our items. The only type we use is that which is produced by monks of Mount Athos. It is one of best quality incense that is available on the market.

By choosing only natural, local, Greek materials, our products retain the authentic, feel and scent of Mount Athos, and the spirituality of ancient Christianity.

Aromatic Beeswax CrossOur Procedure

Because we use only natural ingredients, which may not always be precisely identical from batch to batch (this is especially true of the beeswax!), there sometimes might be slight variations in the mix of materials used. However, our process evens out even these minor differences, and the outcome is always impressive and of highest quality.

We make moulds from the wood-carved prototypes of monks, and especially of the artistic and painstaking efforts of Monk Alipos. The moulds are made of very flexible and durable plastic which capture every tiny detail of the original, and are frequently replaced to assure the quality of the final outcome.

The workshop has a foundry where the ingredients are heated and mixed and the liquid material is poured. When the mixture has set, it is gently, carefully lifted out of the mould, and must be left to cure for a full three days. During the course of those three days our craftsmen must finish by hand all the details of each item.

Our Customers
Our many customers have been so happy with our unique icons, their responses have ranged from delighted to moved. Examples of our customers’ responses can be seen on the right column of our website. These are genuine testimonials from our official etsy.com shop and can also be seen here


  • Each of our items emits a Heavenly fragrance
  • Absolutely worldwide unique items only produced by our workshop
  • Deeply spiritual items that make excellent gifts
  • Pure natural ingredients
  • Incredible feedback from customers
Absolutely Beautiful! I’m amazed at the detailing in the wax cross. The smell is so unique. Definitely recommend. And thank you so much! – Cristina S, Hickory Hills, US
La cruz es bellísima y llegó en perfecto estado. – Fabiola L, Mexico City, Mexico
Exquisite! Truly a beautiful piece of artwork! So intricately carved, it’s almost inconceivable how it was done yet each scene perfectly detailed and recognizable! Fragrance is beautiful! Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus carving sweetly sent by shop along with my purchase is a special gift indeed! Many thanks and Blessings! – Janet V, Swarthmore, US
Such a complex and delicate design. Very well done. -Dean B, Essex, UK
Got this as a birthday gift for a friend who just loves it. I will be ordering more in the future! – David D, Port Orchard, US
I love this carved wax nativity scene! I’ll be displaying it both on the wall and in an easel, depending on my mood. Great great piece! – Pamela D, Clinton, US
Outstanding quality with a wonderful appearance and scent. A fantastic find. Very quick shipping and excellent communication with seller – highly recommended! I will definitely shop here again – Kristen S, Clearwater, US
Shipped to me very quickly, arrived in excellent condition in very secure packaging. An excellent item with brilliant craftsmanship and a lovely scent. Definitely an item to treasure for many years as it is extremely durable. Certainly something worth buying. – Samuel R, Wallingford, UK
Me ha Gustado Mucho, ya lo tengo en mi habitacion perfecto para regalar – Graciela P, Las Palmas, Spain
Beautifully made, and I find the fragrance to be most comforting. Promptly and carefully shipped to Texas, USA. Many thanks for the surprise! – Gayle A, Dallas, US
Gorgeous! Simply artistic! Lovely scent. Makes our home more truly blessed! -Steve D, Clovis, US
Great folks! Superb communication! Beautiful crosses, very detailed–better than pictures. Awesome scent. Well packaged and fast delivery. Do not hesitate to order, you will be pleased! -Susan E, Beaumont, US
Beautiful cross that smells amazing! – Cassie C, North Carolina, US
Absolutely amazing cross!! The quality is just gorgeous – a real work of art! Really high quality, made with love and care. The scent is wonderful – subtle and beautiful. Very inspirational. I will be purchasing more of these as they are that beautiful! Thank you so much for creating such beautiful, meaningful religious items!!! – Kim W, Stratham NH, US
This wall crucifix is so beautiful, and the craftsmanship way exceeded our expectations! The details are amazing, and the aroma is very pleasant. We highly recommend this shop – you will not be disappointed! Thank you so much! – Fabian M, San Jose, US
These crosses were absolutely beautiful and everything I hoped they would be. I am using these as gifts for people participating in my wedding ceremony this year, and I know they will absolutely love them. Shipping was fast, and I knew where they were every step of the way. I will definitely be ordering more from this company! – Patty E, Fort Worth, US
Handcrafted, intricately detailed, inexpensive, beautifully scented… This cross has been a blessing to our prayer corner. The service we received was very polite, personalized, and timely. I highly recommend this seller’s beautiful work. – Maya M, Flagstaff, AZ, US
This was an amazing looking carving – so beautifully intricate. The wax looks like wood at first glance, but on closer inspection you can see the remarkable difference. The price is very reasonable and I was surprised at how quickly it arrived – Jennifer E, Blacklick, OH, US
I recommend this seller wholeheartedly. These are world class crosses! – Andrew G, Kentucky, US
This smells divine! Very nice. I can’t recommend this highly enough. Also appreciate the customer service and how quickly it was delivered. Thank you! – Cindy K, Miami, US
Very beautiful item perfect detail, aroma gives amazing scent to room every home should have one of these crosses, shipped and arrived from Greece to my door in England in 3 days! Excellent service! – Steven G, Manchester, UK
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