Once you receive your item(s) we are pretty confident that you will be delighted with the quality! Our icons, plaques and crosses are crafted in such unique ways and people can only get a positive feeling out of them.

What makes them particular unique is their odor! One of the three ingredients they are made of is the incense from Mount Athos. As a result, when you place them on your wall, the spot around it will emit a very distinct odor creating an atmosphere similar to an Orthodox Church or to a Monastery! The more you have, or the bigger they are the stronger the odor will be!

We really wish we could transfer this pleasant odor over the internet for you to smell!

Every item is being well inspected for flaws and damages before packing and shipping. We make sure that you are more than happy with your purchase.

However, if for any reason you are not satisfied and you want to return the item(s) for a full refund or a replacement you may do so following these steps:

1)  Contact us and briefly explain the reasons you want to return the item
2)  Let us know if you want a replacement or a refund.
3)  In case the items arrived damaged you must provide us with photos clearly showing the damage.


Terms and conditions

1)  Returns accepted within 7 days of delivery
2)  We will refund or replace items that arrived damaged due to inappropriate packing
3)  If we should sent a replacement we will do so the soonest possible via our daily procedure and we will inform you via email
4)  If you have to return the item(s) back to us, the shipping cost will be covered exclusively by you.
5)  Please note that we only accept returns based real problems that might occur during the process. We will NOT accept returns on the grounds of “I changed my mind”

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